Ferrara, Virginia

Virginia Ferrara

Virginia Ferrara‘s work explores images often ignored during our daily routines in an effort to capture the transient moment. She lives in Coral Gables and Jacksonville, Florida whereby the genre figurative work reflects the tropical yet urban flavor of the surroundings. The day images contrast to those of the night images to reflect the duality of the day life to that of the night inspired by salsa, bachata and other latin dances scene. The series explores the different moods and emotions inspired by natural daylight scenes versus artificial night lite environments.

“As a child I was saddened by the realization that most moments were lost after a lapse of time and relatively few memories remained to link oneself to a past history. In a effort to retain more from the constant death of past seconds I pretended my eyes were lenses from a camera and would burn arbitrary images combined with a mental association. A fleeting image of a blurry cluster of tall trees while on a family vacation is now permanently associated with the essence of youth. The transient, often over looked moment, is the theme of my current work. I challenge myself to select scenes from my everyday life I may normally tune out as subject matter as an exercise of avoiding patterns of selective seeing. Our preconceived ideas are often distorted and only with an open-minded observation can one fully appreciate the layers of depth in any one given second. Currently living in the urban/suburbs the subject matter has tackled my daily life. There is a universal nature to the routine in our lives, I hope to bring forth a new perspective to those forgotten moments that consists of the majority of our life.”     -Virginia Ferrara


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