Peery, James

James Peery

Road to Provence
Road to Provence
Still Life
Still Life
Road to Provence
Road to Provence
Road to Provence
Road to Provence

James Peery considers himself a “self-taught” artist even though he graduated from
an Art School in Provence years ago. “I learned more in the museums and living in
France iteself than I did at the school. It did however teach me the art of discipline;
of painting everyday. For that I am grateful.” He works 8 to 5 as an artist, much the
same hours he had in the business world prior to becoming a full-time artist.
Peery and his family bought a house and lived in France for many years before his
children’s needs required them to settle in Michigan, but he still goes back to France
yearly on painting expeditions. He has had many “one man shows” and his work
currently is in several galleries. He is most proud of the fact that many of his collectors have more than ten of his works and keep buying more.

“My main gift, if I have one, is a humbleness towards my art and the art of the past.
This includes a sense of doubt and a visual sense that is “pre-verbal” in which I paint
by instinct and will my paintings to come into being. This allows me to change as an
artist but still remain true to my style, which Matisse defined as, “style is an inability to do anything else”. Without the ego attached, art becomes a journey, a responsibility
and even a burden to the artist. The next painting carries the artist fourth. There is
always a faith in the next painting.”
Peery has a unique faith, not in himself, but in a faith of what is being created in his
work. De Kooning said that he worked out of doubt and Stanley Spencer wrote, “Love
is the essential power in the creation of art, and love is not a talent.” According to
Peery, “faith could be substituted for love and what I am referring to is not a faith in
oneself, but a faith in what is being created. It is also a unique sensitivity to the art
of the past and all that is in nature.”


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